lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

New "The Amazing World Of Gumball" Game: Dino Donkey Dash!

Hey guys so today I entered to Cartoon Network and in the loading screen I found out that there was a new The Amazing World Of Gumball Game! Its called Dino Donkey Dash! So check out the pics:

So in the first game you need to sneak through the trash to get to Tina and Daisy. You need to use the arrow keys to play a kind of precision game.


In the second game you need to poke Tina in certain places so she is able to let Daisy fall from her hands. Using the arrow keys you should be able to do it.


The third and last game is about running away from Tina, when obstacles come by you need to throw Daisy in the air, and make another character catch it before it touches the ground.

So how do you like the game? Do you like it more than any other Gumball game? Well I liked it a lot.
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